Welcome to Two Rivers Shooting Club

Club matches take place every Sunday on our main 50m range, shot in accordance with recognised national rules and encompassing a multitude of disciplines including Fullbore, CentreFire & Small Bore precision and practical. A seperate 25m range is also available for members wishing to shoot postal matches or zero their firearms. Both ranges have covered firing points to provide protection from inclement weather. Members are also free to use the ranges on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

About Us

Based in North Devon, Two Rivers enjoy three outdoor ranges including a 50m & 25m semi-covered ranges and a small quarry allowing members to shoot the various disciplines of Shotgun, Long Barrel Pistol/Revolver, Pistol Caliber Carbine, Rifle, Mini Rifle and Action Air guns. The club is in an area popular with summer tourists so we enforce a "quiet" period each year (1st May-31st August) when shotguns and unmoderated full bore rifles may not be used.


Our facilities also include a heated club house and a proper plumbed-in toilet, primarily for the benefit of our female shooters.

If you are over the age of 18 years and have never shot before you will need to apply to become a member. You will be trained in precision and practical target shooting on the main 50m and 25m ranges and shotgun shooting in our quarry range.

Experience the thrill of shooting muzzle loading firearms in our small 25m range in a controlled and safe environment.

Take part in our practical shotgun events and improve your shooting skills.

Improve your skills on our ranges

Join our friendly club of working and retired individuals both civilian and military and explore the world of shooting

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For more information or to speak to a member, please get in touch with us.

Two Rivers Shooting Club

Hartland, Devon EX39 6AZ